Environmental Education Perspectives

A guide for instructors to help professionals and volunteers navigate the underpinnings of their work in environmental education

by Rupu GuptaJohn Fraser
Oct 10, 2012

Our team has led extensive research on environmental education practice, and how to support environmental educators’ work. As part of the Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education (EECapacity) project, we conducted a study of environmental educators' perspectives on their work. This research revealed there are five distinct yet related ways of thinking about the purpose of environmental education. Importantly, these higher purposes conceal the more nuanced and often shared ways of viewing environmental education work, which may only be revealed through closer introspection.

This packet is designed as a starting point for educators to think about their personal perspectives on why they engage in environmental education, and to appreciate the many views held by colleagues. Educators can use these materials to examine their own beliefs in relation to prevailing perspectives in the field. We created this resource so that instructors can also use the handout with educators across the field. Go to the “Full Document” button above to view and download the packet.

This study is related to the following resources:

These materials were created as part of the Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education (EECapacity) Project through Assistant Agreement #NT-83497401-0 awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Photo credit: Brendan Church on Unsplash

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