Regulating Norms


Key Questions

  • What are the "unwritten rules" of interaction, and where, when, and to whom do those rules apply?
  • Who enforces the "unwritten rules" of interaction and from whom does that authority derive?
  • How are the "unwritten rules" of interaction enforced?
  • Are the rules enforced the same for everyone?

Communities, movements, and institutions rely on repeated interactions among group members to regulate behavior and reinforce values. These types of regulation and reinforcement come in the form of criticism, praise, apologies, and reconciliation. Knology studies the unwritten -- and often unspoken -- norms for the day-to-day interactions that are a part of participating in groups. In particular, we are interested in how these norms, and the norms for enforcing norms, affect a group's diversity and equity, as well as inclusion in and accessiblity of the benefits a group offers.