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Invest in people and organizations working toward a common good.

by Knology
Sep 22, 2022

At Knology, we promote alliances because solving complex social issues is an “all-of-society” effort. As a result, we do not measure our impact simply by counting up the number of projects we are involved in. We measure this based on the quality of change achieved by our partners. For us, helping organizations more effectively and efficiently advance social well-being and the public good means looking at how to link projects across time. It also means working to bring data from multiple initiatives into each and every question we explore. By doing this, we bring our partners together into a community—one that is synergistic, united, and strong.

Sharing Power: Aquariums & Community Groups Advancing STEM Literacies in Climate-Threatened Areas

Our study of partnership-building between aquariums and community organizations demonstrated a number of concrete ways to build equitable collaborations between different types of nonprofits. These techniques can be used in any type of collaboration between organizations that serve the public.


In past years, our website and annual report focused on our primary research. But as our followers have grown, we have realized that in order to fulfill our vision of true collaboration, we need to also report on the successes of our partners—such as Terrence Coffie, the founder of Educate, Don’t Incarcerate (EDI). A non-profit that seeks to effect policy change, EDI brings together formerly incarcerated people, amplifying their voices and stories as Credible Messengers through a national campaign. By highlighting organizations that partner with us to understand how to improve vectors for social change, we are using our platforms to ensure that all voices are raised, not only our own.

Photo credit: Corleone Brown on Unsplash

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