New Research into the Effect of Social Isolation on Behavior Norms in Young Learners

How has social isolation due to COVID-19 impacted the behavior of learners in junior high? A young researcher launched a study to find out

by Knology
Apr 27, 2022

Knology is committed to understanding children’s experience and how they make sense of the world. Since founding, we’ve collaborated with the National Children’s Hospital to help address health disparities, worked with the Association of Children’s Museums to help build a data-informed understanding of this sector of the museum field, and National Geographic Society on the value of their children’s book series. In this post, we are pleased to share findings from a social science research project undertaken by the son of one of our long-term Research Fellows. Julian Kong Grisius undertook a small self-directed research study to explore the effect of remote learning and social isolation due to COVID-19 on junior high school students’ understanding of social norms in the classroom. His hypotheses were based on his lived experience.

Julian Kong Grisius is a junior high school student in Illinois and the son of Knology Research Fellow, Dr. Kin Ching Kong.

Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash.

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