Increasing Accessibility in Museum Publishing

Curator commits to publishing papers in author's first language in addition to the English version.

by Knology
Mar 20, 2020

As the editorial office for Curator: The Museum Journal, the team at Knology is constantly thinking about ways to make its content accessible to a wide variety of readers. In the last three years, we have made concerted efforts to expand and diversify the editorial board and reflect on publication policies.

In his Editorial letter for the January 2020 issue of Curator, Editor John Fraser presented a set of initiatives that are intended to ensure that each edition of the journal showcases the diversity of the Museum field. One of these is a commitment to publish accepted papers in the first language of the author in addition to the English version. Authors can also publish their papers in additional languages of their choosing as well. Curator and Knology have also offered the first-ever Writing Scholars Workshop, a professional development initiative designed to equip the next generation of museum leaders to publish their work.

Curator is committed to making sure that museum scholarship is accessible to everyone in the field, which is key to sustaining critical dialogue in the museum sector. You can read more about our efforts to practice more inclusive publishing here. You can also read articles published in the current issue of the journal here.

Photo by Kate Flinner

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