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Our publishing program encompasses reports, books, digest series, workshops, and more.

by Knology
Aug 31, 2021

Knology’s mission is to produce practical social science for a better world. We do this by publishing a wide variety of products for professionals across industries and sectors. Practicality is the cornerstone of our publishing strategy, where publications translate complex social science research, theory, and analyses into actionable materials that can inform action. Our publishing suite features:

Articles, Reports, & Open Papers - Across our news-style website, we offer open-access reports and research synopses. You can browse Knology’s open-access publications here.

Research Digest Series - We partner with professional associations and other networks to produce publication series designed to advance professional practice. For example, we publish the ACM Trends series in collaboration with the Association of Children’s Museums.

Books - Knology’s team publishes books and edited series. Find out more about Knology’s books.

Academic Literature - Knology serves as editorial office for Curator: The Museum Journal and our research team publishes in a wide variety of peer review publications.

Writing Workshops - We invest in new generations of social science scholars and writers as part of our Learning Workshops program. One example of this work is the Curator-Knology Writing Scholars Workshop.

What’s Next - We have some new ideas for publications, programming, and workshops. We’ll provide updates in the coming months.

Stay Up to Date - Each month, Knology dispatches the latest social science research publications in our Social Science You Can Use newsletter. You can stay up to date on our new research and publishing initiatives by signing up for the newsletter here.

Photo credit: Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

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