STEM For All 2022

Brief videos showcase in-progress collaborations between Knology and our partners on informal STEM learning

by Knology
May 9, 2022

Since 2017, Knology has participated in the STEM For All Video Showcase, an NSF-funded online event for sharing and discussing federally funded STEM learning and research projects related to STEM education. Throughout the week of the event (May 10-17), visitors are encouraged to check out brief videos on ongoing projects and discuss with the presenters through comments. While the videos will remain available after May 17, this is your chance to interact directly with project teams.

This year, we’re sharing four projects. Follow the links to check out the videos and join the conversation!

From Moral Motives to STEM learning to STEM-informed action
How do we motivate people not just to learn about science, but to use what they’ve learned to inform decisions? To start answering these questions, Knology led several discussions between academic researchers and professionals who talk directly to the public about science. People interested in accessing these discussions should look for the conference proceedings, which will be released this summer.

Meaningful Math: Probability through Polls
We’re currently in the third year of Meaningful Math, a collaboration between PBS NewsHour and Knology. The project focuses on how to present numerical information in news media to support understanding and reasoning. Our 2022 showcase video focuses on pitfalls in interpreting poll results – a particularly relevant topic in the context of upcoming midterm elections.

StoryMaker: Scaling STEM Inquiry through Youth Media
Another project we’re working on with PBS NewsHour focuses on videojournalism as an avenue for students to explore a wide variety of topics, including STEM and health. Through interviewing subject-matter experts and synthesizing information into a news story, students can deepen their own knowledge and help their peers engage with the topic. StoryMaker shares materials from the NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs program with a wider audience and aims to establish a community of practice among educators using these resources.

UniVRsal Access: Co-Design with Neurodiverse Students
We are evaluators on this project, a collaboration between EdGE @ TERC and Landmark College to co-design a virtual reality game that engages players across the spectrum of neurodiversity in STEM learning. To this end, EdGE has spent two years working with multiple cohorts of neurodiverse students from Landmark College to shape the story, gameplay, and accessibility features. In their video, the current co-design team provides insight into the process and its benefits.

Banner photo credit: DiegoPH on Unsplash

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