Updates from Knology about the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Knology
Mar 19, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, Knology is following public health guidelines to keep our staff, families, and communities safe. Working from home, Knology’s team remains committed to research and supporting partners who are making a difference. We have long been equipped to work remotely; so far, our research and communication systems have proven strong.

Data is important in times when there is uncertainty and misinformation. Now more than ever, we know that leaders need good information to make decisions. Good decisionmaking and caring for each other will help us thrive – together. We highlight a few of our partners and colleagues who are providing critical information:

  • PBS NewsHour is covering the COVID-19 pandemic with regular updates and stories about what’s happening in communities around the world. Find their collection of COVID-19 stories here. Knology partners with WETA / PBS NewsHour on journalism and media research on science and health reporting.

  • Wiley & Sons Inc. publishes scholarly journals and research on hundreds of topics. The publisher has opened access to all articles, book chapters, and collections related to the COVID-19. This step provides 5,000+ publications to the public – a huge amount of research that can help researchers, experts, and leaders navigate this pandemic. Wiley is the publisher of Curator: The Museum Journal, the publication for which Knology serves as the editorial office.

  • Katharine Hayhoe on Climate Change & COVID-19 – Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe released a series of informative tweets about the connection between climate change and the pandemic. (The answer: climate change did not cause the pandemic, but there are aspects of climate change that may affect the virus’s spread.) Dr. Hayhoe has been involved with the National Climate Assessments; we've been fans of her work for years.

Knology continues to produce practical social science research for the public good. We’re thinking of the many organizations and companies whose work is critical to addressing complex social issues. And we’re here to support you.

Photo Credit: CDC on Unsplash

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