Kathryn Nock


Environmental Social Science, Environmental Education, Climate Change Ecology, Botany, Science Communication

Kathryn is a Researcher working on Knology’s Culture and Biosphere projects. Her research interests include the role of science in public perceptions of environmental issues realted to climate change, exploring approaches to inclusive and accessible environmental education, how institutions can help their communities support social and environmental justice, and the relationship between education and activism. With previous experience in National Science Foundation-funded climate change ecology research, she now focuses on interdisciplinary work by studying connections between social science and environmental conservation. Kathryn has written for both scientific and literary journals, and contributes regularily to SciArt Magazine. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon where she pursued Environmental Studies and Botany and completed independent research on the relationship between paradigm shifts throughout the history of western science and the current environmental crisis.

Photo of Kathryn Nock