Suzanne Salomon

Board Director

Suzanne is an entrepreneur with US & international experience in impact investing, wealth management, market research, new business development, strategic planning, and client relationship management. She is an advisor/investor to Malo, a Malian social enterprise that provides assistance to smallholder rice farmers to reduce post-harvest loss and product quality enhancement. She is also an advisor and investor in Ongoza, a Kenya-based accelerator for early-stage young entrepreneurs, and an investor and Board Member for Women in Technology Uganda (WITU). As a consultant for the International Women’s Health Coalition, she evaluated the effectiveness of an advocacy training program for emerging young women leaders. Suzanne's wealth management experience includes tenure as a VP/Financial Advisor at US Trust., founder of Whitney, Salomon Associates, a wealth management firm, and she worked with Chase and International Paper Company.

Photo of Suzanne Salomon