Knology produces practical social science for a better world.


Inclusive, informed, and cooperative societies thriving together with the natural systems on which we all depend.

Who We Are & How We Do It

Knology is a collective of scientists, writers, and educators dedicated to studying and untangling complex social issues. Equity, transparency, and deliberation are the foundation of our work process. We recognize that no issue exists in isolation from its social and environmental context. Our research is embedded in real-world application to develop practical approaches to thorny problems. We are committed to serving the public good by sharing our data and clearly reporting our results.

Strategic Goals

1. Be Critical Thinkers

Challenge the status quo by analyzing and reconstructing pathways to navigate the great social challenges of our time.

2. Inform & Shape Actions

Equip leaders through compelling social science research stories, to support evidence-based decisions and improved action for a better world.

3. Embody DEAI

Strive to integrate and personify principles and practices of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in our workforce, workplace, and work community.

4. Strengthen Alliances

Invest in people and organizations working toward a common good by developing ideas, resources, and game-changing partnerships.

5. Refine Our Model

Cultivate our collaborative work philosophy -- including internal operations, fiscal stability, and work processes -- to make our non-profit model resilient and replicable.

Support research that has a real world impact.