Getting Green Schoolyards on the National Agenda

Evaluation of a network of professionals invested in moving the Green Schoolyards action agenda into public discourse highlights an ongoing need for more direct advocacy action and better communication.

by Rupu GuptaNezam ArdalanNicole LaMarcaDarcey Glasser
Feb 28, 2019

Key Findings

There is a network of professionals including social scientists, public officials, and policy makers who want to champion the Green Schoolyards initiative locally and at the national level. Evaluation of this group suggests high motivation and an understanding of the long-term value of the initiative on communities. However, most efforts remain at the individual level. To move the initiative forward, members of the network want greater clarity and direction from C&NN including specific examples of ways to advocate for green schoolyards more broadly. Also needed are stronger communication mechanisms that help members share information about ongoing activities and successful efforts.

Let’s Put It to Work

For scientists, public officials, and policy makers: individuals in the professional realm are well-positioned to move the Green Schoolyards’ action agenda forward. They can advance research on green schoolyards and they have the connections to advocate for effective policy change. This group can also create messaging to raise awareness and funding for green schoolyards. Forming stronger connections with others in the broader network will help individual members align their work with the action agenda and the efforts of their peers.

Photo credit: Jaime Zaplatosch

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