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Knology advances social science scholarship.

by Elliott BowenShaun Field
Sep 29, 2022

To fulfill our mission of social science for a better world, we regularly publish peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. We also serve as reviewers, and both publish and edit popular and academic books. Since 2019, our publications have been viewed nearly 9,000 times, and generated roughly 100 scholarly citations. In this post, we look at the impact of our recent academic work.

Our Work has Cross-Disciplinary Appeal

It's not uncommon for a Knology-authored paper to be referenced by investigators in seemingly disparate areas of academia. For example, a 2019 article we published on climate change was cited in familiar journals like Global Environmental Change and Climatic Change), but also in the Journal of Community Psychology, the International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability, and in Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment. The diversity of contexts for those referencing our work suggests that our transdisciplinary approach is having an impact in psychology, education, environmental studies, information sciences, engineering, mathematics, and many other fields.

Our Work has a Global Reach

A quick review of just three years also shows that our work is reaching academics around the world. We've seen our work cited in the Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Education Studies, the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (Singapore), and Irish Educational Studies. We've seen our work referenced in several non-English language academic journals. What's more, many of those in conversation with us have used our work for studying things as far away as fisheries management in the North Sea or climate change education in coastal Chinese cities. Our scan revealed that nearly 20% of the citations our peer-reviewed work produced between 2019 and 2021 came from either international journals, non-English language publications, or from academics operating outside of North America.

Our Work is Useful for Scholars at Many Career Stages

Knology's peer-reviewed publications are generating interest not just among different kinds of academics, but also among scholars at various stages of their careers. The people citing our work include graduate students from Portugal, early career researchers in Saudi Arabia, and established, senior scientists in the UK, China, and Turkey. These scholars have cited us in academic journal articles, in monographs, in edited volumes, in encyclopedias, and a variety of other scholarly outputs.

Let's Put it to Work!

In future years, we'll look to continue expanding our contributions to social sciences scholarship. For now, we'd like to share links to our most viewed and cited peer-reviewed publications of the last three years:

For more on Knology's publications, please also see our books page.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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