Reflections on Science, Art, & Sustainability

Seeing art and science as separate disciplines is a relatively recent trend based at least in part on perceived differences in the mental processes required for both. We suggest that exploring shared intentions and precepts, and developing a common bridging language could point to new partnership possibilities.

by John FraserNezam Ardalan
Jan 21, 2020

Two Knology researchers reflected on the history and state of science, art, and sustainability collaborations including the relatively recent art/science divide in the literature. They conclude that the artificial polarizing of the concepts is not congruent with how we understand mental processes and the richness of thinking across the disciplines. The text was developed as part of a brief for participants in the A2A: Awareness to Action, Science, Art, and Sustainability 2018 Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by the Knology team under NSF Grant #1746106 awarded to the University of Colorado, Boulder, James White, PhD, Principal Investigator. Co-authors on the briefing material were Marda Kirn and Bethany Wall.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

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