The New News


Key questions:

  • What roles is news playing in social life, and how are those roles changing?
  • What roles could news play in social life?
  • What do journalists’ and publics’ news routines and day-to-day talk about news look like, and how are these practices changing?

Social, legal, and technological changes create new possibilities for producing and using news. How are journalists and different publics talking about and using these possibilities? We partner with news organizations to jointly study these changes; their ever-changing relationships with their readers, watchers, and listeners; and how new journalists absorb and shape professional norms. This work also includes research with news users (see Picone 2016 for more on this term) to understand their routines, their talk about news, and the role news plays more generally in their lives. We base our studies in the social sciences rather than literary criticism (cf. Couldry, 2004) because our goal is to study the relationship of news to our lives. Journalists and laypeople have always defined the boundaries of news differently (see, e.g., Cunningham et al. 2016), and we can only make meaning of news in context -- it’s neither produced nor used in a vacuum.

Research Area