Knology takes a broad and inclusive approach to media: we study many aspects of large-scale communication, including diverse technologies, channels, and platforms. One of the things we investigate is the affordances of these technologies and channels, particularly for education and lifelong learning. We also explore how media shapes public discourse: how particular ideas come to be seen as normal and reasonable—or not—due to their presence or absence in mass media. We reflect on circulation and participation, too: how different media content moves through the world, and whether those who engage with it are invited to respond and interact or simply to consume it. Our last focal area is expertise and (un)certainty: we research how media shapes our images of expertise.

When we think of Media, we ask:

  • What role can – and should – media play in challenging social narratives about people?
  • What makes media effective at getting large groups of people to take action?
  • What are the most effective ways to capture – and hold – the attention of different media users so we can support their learning and access to it?
  • Who gets to be an expert, and how do different groups of experts communicate about the uncertainty inherent in all knowledge?
  • What do news routines and day-to-day talk about news look like, and how are these practices changing?
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